Nib replating



Many high-end fountain pens have a (partial) rhodium plated nib to create a two- or three-tone effect. This plating can damage or wear off during the years due to wiping the ink off the nib after filling or a repair.

I can restore the rhodium and gold mask on your nib in the original style or I can plate your nib in a custom style if preferred. Please take a look at the pictures below or Contact me to see what’s possible.

Want to learn more about rhodium? Please take a look at Wikipedia.

Please note that rhodium and gold plating is very thin. It will not fill up any pitting or scratches.

Please take a look at my before and after pictures below to see the differences and options.


Before and after pictures.


This 18k solid gold Parker Duofold 1st generation Centennial fountain pen nib suffered from wiping after each fill during the years. The rhodium plated arrow was worn and the yellow gold became visible through the old rhodium mask, especially near the breather hole.

Before replating the arrow, the nib was tested, cleaned, polished and the rhodium arrow was successfully restored to it’s original condition again.




The worn rhodium arrow on this international size, 1st generation Parker Duofold was restored again.

This worn rhodium band on a early Montblanc 149 was restored again in it’s original  3-tone style.

This Pelikan nib was originally yellow gold. It is plated in the original two-tone style.


Waterman le man 200 barrel collar. This part was customized in rhodium to be used in a Waterman silver Waterman le man night & day fountain pen where the original collar was missing.


Early Parker a Duofold black fountain pen with worn gold trim. The worn spot on the top of the clip was polished lightly and replated.

Waterman hemisphere fountain pen with gold plated nib. This nib was worn partially and is replated with 18k.


Nib plating customizations.

Beside replating the original rhodium on fountain pen nibs I can also customize your nib. I can plate nibs in full white rhodium and partial white rhodium to creat a two-tone or three tone effect. Please take a look at the examples below.


This sailor 14k (585) nib was originally in single-tone yellow gold. I custom plated this nib in a three-tone style which gives the pen a very classy style.


Here is a Cross Century II fountain pen in a very nice solid blue metallic finish. It originally has a stainless steel nib but it has been replaced for a solid 18k medium nib. I created a two-tone style with rhodium to match the silver parts of the pen.


This Waterman Hemisphere is originally fitted with a steel nib. The original steel nib was replaced by a new solid 18ct gold (750) nib (Waterman Preface). It was customized with a full white rhodium plating to match the trims of the pen.


Below are some examples of possible nib customizations based on the Montblanc 149 nib.

149 pt nib

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 nib, custom plated in 3-tone style.